2018 has some amazing changes in store for your shooting experience...stay tuned!

GamePod Combat Zone and Inc. is pleased to announce our collaboration to better service fans, existing and new players as well as law enforcement training agencies world-wide. We are confident that the collaboration of GamePod (World's largest indoor Airsoft MOUT facility) and Inc (#1 Airsoft retailer voted by players globally) will create the perfect Airsoft experience.

Both GamePod and share the same vision to provide a welcoming, safe, and exciting environment for the supporting community. Our vision is to craft a unique experience to attract new players as well as service the needs of existing players. As a community we need reactivate those who have exited the sport, and will do so by making necessary changes to be the direction of both companies. We are confident that this collaboration will bring the industry, hobby, and sport of Airsoft to a whole new horizon far beyond present stage.

What does this mean for the GamePod players? The entire GamePod crew of familiar faces will still be running exciting games as usual. A full size Evike Outpost superstore will be open to the public this March inside GamePod Combat Zone. This store will be operated by local Airsofters who have been training at the headquarters for the past few months. We are completing construction of a viewing platform lounge that will be open to the public, and allow you to view the field during live game play. There will be premium rental fleet, a state-of-the-art shooting-chrono-gun-testing range, private party room, on-site technicians, paved parking lot, air conditioning, and two REAL BATHROOMS!

“We’ve always had one mission, which is to provide the best possible experience for our Airsoft and Law Enforcement friends! In keeping with that goal we feel this collaboration not only greatly enhances the experience, but marks the beginning of a new exciting era for the sport!” said Craig Levy, President of Gamepod Combat Zone Inc.

"It is our vision to be the most well run business in America, to provide the best product selections to our customers, and to provide our fans the perfect shopping experience. I believe the collaboration with the most respected field operators in America is the key to fulfilling this vision." said Evike Chang, CEO of Inc.

Stay tuned on our social media, EvikeTV, and in person at GamePod Combat Zone for more exciting updates!



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